Passat Progress, May 2010

When I bought my car last year I never intended for it to turn into a project but it looks like it is slowly turning into one. I’ve always loved cars and now I’m doing some of the stuff I’ve always wanted to do but never did before - things like tinting the windows, adding mad engine performance, aftermarket wheels, etc… The cool thing is that with the few things I’ve done I’ve still not spent but $1,400 or so on this stuff (over almost a year) - that includes tinting the windows, smoked front indicators, blacking out emblems, used 19″ wheels and tires and “chipping” the car (added ~50 HP and ~100 ft/lb torque). It just takes patience on finding sales and good deals.

Every time I look at the car now I think “needs moar low” - that wheel gap between the tires and the fenders is killing me! That’s next on my list, and probably the last major thing that’ll happen to the car.

Right after purchase -
My Passat, July 2009

Now -
B6 Passat

Right after purchase -
My "new" Passat

Now -
B6 Passat

It’s getting there… Next up to get rid of this space above tire -
Front wheel/tire non flushness

A Musician, A Pregant Couple and An Old Friend

Slap me with a wet noodle next time I go two months without posting. Here’s a catch-up post - some things I’ve done photographically over the last couple of months…

Travis Walks the Line
Travis Walks The Line. Washington, NC.


Andrew's Photographer's Project

I’ve also done a wedding and some soccer game photos, children’s league. The wedding? Not very exciting for me. The photos came out good but I learned a lot in the process, and it was a tad overwhelming trying to get the right people together for the right photos. The soccer games? Too much fun. The intensity of some of those little girls (around seven years old) is great and capturing a fraction of a second while playing a sport like this shows an agelessness as if the player photographed is in the moment, in the past, and in the future at the same time. Hopefully that makes sense.

It’s funny to me that when I started photography I didn’t like photos of people as much but now it’s all I want to make photographs of. Perhaps it’s because I am more confident in what I’m doing and while I’m shooting I’m able to be more concerned with the subject than I am with the camera.

On a side note I really need to put together a photo site, sort of a gallery (not a blog like this) that I can point people to - a place where I can put a few of my favorite works in just a couple categories.

Garth Vader, The Emo Hulk, and another Turtle

Garth Vader
Click here to view larger

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I have a thing for turtles.
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Had a fun time on Saturday night at a superhero themed birthday party. Had more pulling the ‘portable studio’ (read: my camera, a big-ass light, and a bedsheet as a backdrop) and setting up shop in the garage…

Check out some more superheros on my flickr here.

Yes I have a thing for Ninja Turtles

Happy Birthday Mom!


This is my Mom. For those who don’t know she’s a totally amazing potter (and artist in general), a person who several years ago I figured out that she’s way cooler than me. She also was unfortunate enough to be in town the day after I received my first studio light (Alienbee B800) and a 47 inch octagonal softbox (octobox). I had to take a picture of someone, and she happened to be sitting in my living room with a tiny laptop in her lap doing what all Moms seem to do these days (Facebook).

Happy Birthday Mom! It was good seeing you again and had fun seeing Avatar last night in 3D with you and Dad!

Old Country Store

Country Store in Black and White

I realize I don’t post here much anymore, it’s Twitter’s fault for having a great outlet to say stupid stuff on the internet.