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I can usually be reached via email, aol instant messenger, or irc.

aim: ovcyberjoe
irc: - jsleeper

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  1. Aunt Dorothy says:

    Yo Joseppi! I am sitting here messing around on the computer. Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post-op ( had my right hip REPLACED) A pretty big owieee. But it’s really not bad, pain wise. Have not taken ANYTHING for pain for the past week. Anxious to get the left one done now. I am up and walking, but have to use the walker and not put much weight on that side, at least until March 18th, then will graduate to a cane. Roy’s brother, Kokai, had HIS right hip replaced 6 days ago and he is home now so it is a regular old people’s home now, with walkers, potty chairs, etc.!!! Hope you are doing well, not working too hard, hey, about photos of the tatoo I gave you for Christmas?!?!?!? Those are really for people who don’t want to commit! Thought it was hilarious! BE GOOD, or pretend to anywho. Lots of love, Aunt Dorothy

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