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Recent works from Slatestone Studio

It’s Sunday and I’m down in NC because two days ago I got more ink on my arm - more on this later. While here I got some photos of some of my Mother’s recent work before they got taken to a show at the local arts council - she is absolutely killing it [...]

The Boy with the Camera Tattoo

A couple of months ago I got my first tattoo. If you want to see the whole thing check out a photo Luke did right after it was done here. I tried to take photos of the tattoo but because of how hard it is to do myself and how silly I am [...]

Passat Progress, May 2010

When I bought my car last year I never intended for it to turn into a project but it looks like it is slowly turning into one. I’ve always loved cars and now I’m doing some of the stuff I’ve always wanted to do but never did before - things like tinting the windows, [...]

A Musician, A Pregant Couple and An Old Friend

Slap me with a wet noodle next time I go two months without posting. Here’s a catch-up post - some things I’ve done photographically over the last couple of months…

Travis Walks The Line. Washington, NC.


I’ve also done a wedding and some soccer game photos, children’s league. The wedding? Not very exciting [...]

Halloween Treasure

Barnesville, GA - cold and rainy Halloween 2009