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WHAT CAN HIGH-MILEAGE OIL DO? In general terms, high-mileage oil probably costs a bit more than a comparable standard lubricant, but if your car has been around the block a few hundred thousand. 06.02.2012 · I cant be to sure of the exact amount cause when I went to see my sister the oil in her car was barely touching the dipstick and I used that quart to top her car off without noteing the difference. Will the high mileage oil cause all my seals to go bad and my car fail one day? I have no idea, but with the results I have seen I will take the.

Older vehicles and ones with high mileage engines have different needs than modern cars that were designed to be used with modern motor oils. In this case, an aftermarket oil additive can transform modern motor oil into the kind that vehicles built before 1989 were designed to use. The high mileage engine oil is a special type of lubricant designed as semi-synthetic oil enhanced with several other chemicals to further improve lubrication, stop corrosion, and help reduce oil consumption and leaks known to appear on older engines. Viscosity modifiers are used to help the engine oil maintain the best viscosity across the broadest range of temperatures and conditions that the oil is likely to face. And friction modifiers like ZDDP are added to improve the oil formula's ability to cope with high pressure conditions. So which engine oil additive is best? Mobil1 High Mileage is a synthetic-based high mileage oil that they claim protects up to 500,000 miles when changed regularly. The higher viscosity helps prevent oil leaks and offers high-temperature protection and it contains seal conditioners and anti-oxidants as well. From one of the most recognized brands in engine oils, many choose it as the best motor oil for high mileage engines.

Best High Mileage Oil – A Detailed Look at Our Top Recommendations. It’s time for you to choose the best high mileage oil for your vehicle, and to help we’ve compiled below a list of our choices for top recommended products in 2019. valvoline High Mileage 10w-40 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil. Oil consumption is costly and dangerous. Avoid oil leaks with the best oil for high mileage cars that burn oil. High-temperature engines eat up lots of oil. Therefore, your engine runs out of oil quicker than you expect. Engines without oil burn up and die out quickly. You must buy the best motor oil for high mileage engines. If not, then your. 03.04.2016 · Hi - My trusty mechanic changes my oil every 3 months on my 94 Corolla. He started treating it with High Mileage oil a couple years back as he said it will. Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Best Oil Additive for High Mileage Engines. You’re able to get far better mileage with more air flow, but only if it’s the case that you don’t use the excess horsepower to hotrod. In conclusion, there’s quite a few things that you can do in order to increase your gas mileage, and the majority of them. Lucas High Mileage Fuel Treatment is created specifically to restore lost power and performance in high-mileage vehicles. It cleans and lubricates fuel system components, removes valve deposits, lessens oil contamination and stops knocking and hesitation. Additionally, Lucas High Mileage Fuel Treatment works great in modern port-injected engines - maintaining maximum flow and providing lubrication to critical.

If an engine isn’t burning or leaking oil, or if it uses, say, less than a quart over 6,000 miles or so, switching to high-mileage oil may not be worth the extra cost for you. Slick 50 and other engine oil additives supposedly reduce engine wear and increase fuel efficiency. You may have heard the commercial or seen the ad: Multiple tests by independent laboratories have shown that when properly applied to an automotive engine, Slick 50 Engine Formula reduces wear on.

  1. A thorough cleaning can stop high oil consumption and prevent expensive repairs. State-of-the-art motor oils are produced with very limited tolerances. On the one hand, this makes them very efficient, however, on the other, they are very sensitive to contamination.
  2. Use every oil change. Take Note! STP ® High Mileage Oil TreatmentStop Leak is excellent for all cars, light trucks, and SUVs. Try the complete line of STP ® Oil Additive products, including Oil Treatment, Engine Stop Leak and Smoke Treatment.
  3. High Mileage Oil Stabilizer As the name suggests, it protects the engine against wear and tear on older vehicles. Learn about the Chemicals in the Additive. There are a couple of chemicals that are essential to a good oil additive for your car engine: Zinc Zinc in oil additives acts as a performance booster. It mostly benefits older engines.
  4. 12.05.2008 · The same goes for the Mobil 1 10W-40 high mileage except the viscosity is higher to begin with and the HTHS is even better, over 4.0. I am still learning much, and I mean much, about lubricating oils. However, it looks to me as if Mobil has taken a heavy Duty Engine OilHDEO and labeled it High Mileage. I have no clue as to what the marketing.

: high mileage oil additive. Skip to main content. Try Prime All Go Search EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. Today's Deals YourGift. Best Oil for High Mileage Cars That Burn Oil, which oil is best, how to fix burning oil problem with very simple approach, motor oils and best additives. The wide variety of high mileage oil brands in the market often makes it difficult for potential buyers to make a decision. In this section of the review article we study a buying guide for the best high mileage oils. Everything you need to know about investing in the best high mileage oil can be found in the following points. Age of motor. It’s good to know that some oil additives can help older engines. Studies have shown that Americans are keeping their cars for longer periods of time these days. If oil additives for high mileage cars can help to ensure that people get the most out of their vehicles, it’s worth looking into. Thanks for. Older engines and those that have clocked a fairly high mileage require special care to ensure they maintain the same level of performance that they had when they were newer. Doing so requires only the best type of care there is and this can be obtained by ensuring that what is fed to the engine. Read moreBest Oil Additives to Care for Older.

  1. How Does A High Mileage Oil Work? High mileage oils contain seal conditioners and additives that swell gaskets, o-rings, and seals thereby eliminating seepage. Most also have special detergents that are designed to remove sludge from engines. These boost your engine performance and keeps it running properly for longer. Should I Switch To High.
  2. A jug of engine oil isn’t just mineral or synthetic oil but contains additives, some up to 30%. These additives improve certain oil characteristics, suppress weaknesses and add new beneficial properties. This 5W-20 high mileage motor oil contains additional additives specific to high mileage engines.
  3. Not sure if you need a high mileage oil in your vehicle? You aren’t alone. If you searched the internet for “high mileage oil,” you would find more than 66 million results. You likely would see advertisements, price options, a few dozen brands to choose from and thousands of forum posts. The.
  4. I am going to explain about which motor oil best to improve the mileage of engines. How this motor oil additives helps to improve the performance of vehicles. Oil stabilizers and thickness modifiers are regularly said to be the best motor oil addi.

The 10 Best Oil Additives to Buy 2019 - Auto.

High Mileage Oil Treatment

This oil is different from the others in one major aspect, that is, the special additives. The cleaning additives and seal conditioners, along with its appropriate viscosity, make it more effective for vehicles with high mileage. Q: Questions on fuel and oil additives. What are they and should you use them on the high-mileage vehicles? Is the car addicted to them once you use them? People have been selling fuel and oil additives for years. If you drive a. The additive is specifically formulated to stop and seal oil leaks that are caused by normal engine wear and age. In addition to stopping existing leaks, it can help prevent future problems by conditioning and restoring engine gaskets and seals. It works with all types of gasoline and diesel engines using conventional, high mileage or synthetic. Types of additives. Oil additives are vital for the proper lubrication and prolonged use of motor oil in modern internal combustion engines. Without many of these, the oil would become contaminated, break down, leak out, or not properly protect engine parts at all operating temperatures.

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