More Tattoo Work

I’ve been back to Luke at Artfuel, Inc for two more sessions since posting about the camera tattoo. My right arm is turning into a self-portrait - things I like and where I am from.

Here’s a photo from about six weeks ago:

New Work by Luke Worley

We added three cardinals and dogwood flowers - Virginia state bird and flower. The cardinal on the inner bicep (which is a painful area) was unfinished, so I went back last week, where I also got a southern-pointing compass on my inner forearm, as seen below (with another roll of film and more dogwood flowers to tie it all in together):

Joe's Progress

As it stands now my upper arm is covered and my inner forearm goes maybe halfway down. I’m loving the work so far, Luke is a great artist and I think the style, color and subject matter fit me well. I have some ideas on what more to do on the arm - one thing I’m stuck on is something computer related that fits aesthetically, will still look cool in 10 years, and sort of fits in with the old-school camera and compass I have.

I highly recommend going to Wilmington, NC for tattoo work at Artfuel!

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